About Cassie

Over the course of my life, education, or a lack thereof, has been the thing that has opened and closed doors. I have experienced how limited opportunities are without an education, and how many possibilities exist once new knowledge and skills are obtained. My nature has always been to continuously seek knowledge, but my experiences have shaped me into someone who shares it with others so they, too, can improve their lives and advance their careers.

I am thrilled to be begin a Master of Science in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning with Boise State University in fall 2020. This program will help me expand my instructional design skills and acquire more tools to manage change and drive performance improvement.

If I had a dollar for every time someone has angrily screamed at me, I could pay off my student loans with money to spare. After beginning my career collecting debt in call centers, I can only speculate how many times I’ve asked someone for money. It did not take long to realize I did not want that forever. So, I got my GED—and a host of doors opened.

Like many, my career has gone through several iterations. My professional path began in journalism, then turned toward corporate communications before settling into technical writing for a while. My ability to adapt and willingness to tackle new challenges causes most of my roles to expand into new areas.

When I began authoring training courses, I was a lone-wolf technical writer embedded in a workforce management team. Within six months of accepting the position, my role expanded from maintaining a document library for the team to include developing training material to support a division, developing processes and leading testing teams for new employee tools.

Helping adult learners acquire skills necessary to advance their careers was a rewarding experience. Developing training courses helped improve performance and manage change within an organization. I designed, developed, and deployed two successful, multi-part courses in two whirlwind years. The experience illuminated the idea of advancing within the corporate learning and development team. I realized that I wanted to move from being an accidental instructional designer to an intentional one.

Check out some of the clips available on this site. You will see examples of my work and how it supports individuals and organizations.

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